Recording Part 2 in 2018

We had such a wonderful, professional recording session on April 30th at Soundworks Recordings. Carlo De Rosa(b), Juan Felipe Mayorga(ds), Alejandro Aviles(as) and Mari Koga(vo). The recording engineer is Kamilo Kratc and did a magical job as usual. Thank you Mi Gente!

I came along a long way since I released the second CD "Transformation"(not officially released yet) in 2013. The new album will be my 3rd recordings but technically be the 2nd CD in the market since 2008! 




Start recording in 2018

It was a super fun recording session with these great musicians; Wilson Chembo Corniel(congas), Ruben Rodriguez(b), Alejandro Aviles(fl), and Joel Mateo(ds). Today we made 2 songs. Looking forward to the next one! Keep on going! 3/12/2018 in Soundworks Studio in Astoria with engineer Kamilo Kratc. Thank you for your great job always.